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bend the path of coal
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'Nine out positive - Gypsy chaos' of
permanent satyr (feasibility of the coal curve) - swordplay game winning fierce controversy today with the participation of the full range of characters, moves, recipes martial arts novel metallic dragon dung and neck. detailed reproduction satyr Nine winning competitions of three factions and 4 sect.
'satyr Nine of the product as well as for the first half to bring film industry in game' -
Newspaper gamek
Nine signature gameplay of satyr (feasibility of the coal curve) owns the system for continuous skill roll, things that are often found in the ARPG blade and soul or legend of fighters. with 4 character classes pepper knife, intelligent teacher, trails, natural paint. each character class style beat and different skills, just quickly swipe touch, players will create uninterrupted combos extremely beautiful.
immersive story, attractive
'This world is like a localized area closed, they who are in a circle, boundless infinity. if you want to solve, need demolishing from outside. 'Then they asked how workers clearing this local tournament, algae Place increased answered:' the key is rolling out local recipes satyr Nine of lost. who possesses the fullness lasting satyr will hold the power to change the outcome of the current martial ... '. just one sentence of increased algae address, work on the human galaxy spiral endless scramble recipes.
beautiful HD graphics resolution for sharp images substandard hd, skills in public satyr permanent extremely eye-catching effect. Interwoven into the romantic scenery of cherry, dark stream of swordplay is gentle melody of flute, zither, opened a real Gypsy scene on the screen makes me master martial smartphone.tInh #
# 'eternal ocean current - Gypsy disorder'. Nine satyr of Gypsy appearance that fall into a spiral of bloody struggle. need a master martial intelligent and ingenious enough strength to stand up to that local arrangements galaxy.
features other prominent world boss
system: help people Graduate martial express solidarity, together defeat the powerful boss super champion.
triangle War battlefield: the war faction will now be extended by the screen duel between the three forces Natural Gender Assembly, intelligent and natural gas ma hạo supply.
extra cup of spiritual lung: manipulate objects to solve the mentality that preserve ancient flag.
system and how to upgrade unique pet, new
series with daily activities like quiz, escort, winning each ...

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    Android 2.2 and up

bend the path of coal

bend the path of coal
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