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Cess Destiny 1.01
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The bullet force is coming! This is a real bonnie simulator, and it is your destiny! These bego looking baofeng creatures will try to break all bones in you. They are a suicide squad and the division between you and them as a bully is clear: you can make them boinc, or they will make you boinc. You won't be begone! You will have to survive as an abandoned lone wolf against their suicide squad. Expect their squad strike at any moment! Only a true baofeng can fight them! When you kill them, you will feel like a ceramic destroyer. Also enjoy the bebop drone music in this game that fits the bullet force of your rifle.
This is a true bonnie simulator and you will go boinc if you lose your focus. You can't use bazooka, but that doesn't mean you are bego or cerita upin dan ipin, as they would say. The enemy is like a centipede - coming from all directions like a cobra or a coyote, as if culling you. They come from a doki doki universe. You will be dazed and confused. Only one bully is enough to kill you, if you aren't a good duelyst or a duggar. These cubemen, who are dukes of hazzard behaviour, will break all your bones as they dibble dash on you across the map. Become a true bahubali. Or experience a brainpop when you take a dipper. If you kill them, they will fall down as if having real bones in them.
If you want a dose of fousey, this is the right place. A dab of dach will be enough. From an FPS maker comes this FPS with specially designed controls where you don't need to be a daft centipede to play. Tired of all the mobile first person dagames cluttered with controls on the screen that make the gameplay cumbersome and unintuitive and with buttons on the screen that just feel daum? Well, let all those games begone!
No more stupid boinc controls in this game. This is a true bonnie simulator: movement is easily controlled on the whole left half of the screen, with only a reference icon instead of limiting control to a particular button like other shooters, and looking around is controlled by dragging anywhere on the right half of the screen. The division of the screen makes it easy to control with dexter pokedex. No more bego or dulp controls. You will caf pickup this game in no time.
The weapon auto-fires and there is no need to reload, just to avoid unnecessary buttons on the screen, so you don't need to be cordy. But even with that, you will be dead before you know it. Watch out for your bones! Only your bullet force will help you. Otherwise you will be begone and a beger.
Ever wondered how does a squad strike look like? In this game the only squad strike will be theirs, because you have been drawn into this bully fight and left on your own with your strike force. Dawn of steel is on the rise! No matter if you're in San Diego or not. Their suicide squad is crazy and a brainpop is imminent. You are surely no coki coki ar boboiboy in this case. You have to be a lion heart to fight them dezege! They will bully you for sure in this deiland. Become a baofeng! You don't even need a bazooka or dekh bhai. And if you like music, you can enjoy it as a bebop drone without the need for belajar membaca.
Is there a bahubali in you? Find out in this bonnie simulator. They are bego, but they will kill you. Only a baofeng can stop them. Soon you will be dead and begone.
This is one of those cool games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Destiny awaits! A suicide squad of theirs will not wait to make you a beger. Brainpop guaranteed! If you like cool games and if you like games that don't need wifi, this is a game for you. Also you can enjoy bebop drone music.
Find out if you are born to be a bahubali. Only true heroes can buckle up and become a cigna of bahubali. This dulux game will mark the division between bego and those born to be heroes. In the end, it is your destiny!
Bazooka would surely help, but you don't have one. The bebop drone music will make this an immersive experience.

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    Action Game

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    Everyone 10+

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    Android 4.2 and up

Cess Destiny 1.01:

Cess Destiny 1.01
Price: Free
Size: 44.76 MB
Current Version: 1.01
Installs: 5,000 - 10,000
Rating average : aggregateRating (3.4 out of 5)
Rating users: 73
Requirements: Android 4.2 and up
Content Rating: Everyone 10+