Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War 1.0 APK for Android

Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War 1.0
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Assault the enemy terrorist in the army attack battle game of 2017. Amazing bullet firing rate of sniper and machine guns. Train for the shooting skills and get into enemy territory. Best action scenes are played throughout the game. Aim and shoot, kill the soldiers from a mile and become the proud national hero of the country after winning the challenges of protecting the nation’s interests. Now greatest military attacks assault games have one thing in common and that is intense action. Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War is full of armed vehicle and bombing action. Tough commando soldiers does not walk away from wars and battles. Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War is all about embracing the war action waged on the commando military soldier sharpshooters.
With the arsenal full of lethal weapons like ak47, mp5 and bazookas, commando counter terrorist killer is not intimidated by the enemy terrorist rogue attackers. Combat missions have the tasks which are not easy for every soldier, special operations military squad specially trained for emergencies can only train them. Rescue the fellow soldiers and neutralize the danger by killing enemies. Eliminate the threat and dispose the bombs, do the job of dozen military and make the difference in the war. Make strategic war moves against the enemy and make them look like fools.
Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War features:
- Killer gorilla war action against dreadful enemy
- Spoil the terrorist missions and kill Terrorist allies as well
- Assist SWAT and other city cops in regaining the trust of the people of the city
- Ruin the plans of the terrorist organizations
- Destroy the rebel camps and finish their forces with sniper.
Get into enemy territory stealth mode to avoid infractions alarmed before the job done.
Trespassing enemy soldiers must be stopped at the borders, do not let them breach in.
Become dangerous army assassin swat strike Commander
All the global terrorists have ganged up against the city, finish them all
Counter humanity attacks are brutal and lives of civilian are being wasted, save them
Enemy army Group command is up against the best commando assassin force
This Enemy Strike action game is fast action paced. Commando strike assassin adventure force is up against the challenges of recovery and protection of the borders and the cities. Shoot all the scum terrorist and kill them brutally. Head quarter has intension of sending the strong message to the enemy. This Action commando 2017 is furious action game. All 3d action games cannot be like this commando mission game. From subway to city towers and skyscrapers, sniper got to protect everyone everywhere. Creed of dangerous terrorist assassins is up against the system. Ninja, warriors and league of mastermind criminals have joined to become the biggest force to manipulate the system and law. To loot the city pirates have shipped on the docks. Best soldier game featuring the ultimate soldier fight, soldier war and high adrenaline rush life of a soldier. Military training to handle real missions and killing endeavors have turned the soldiers into hard commandos. Resilience, patience & precision are the key to become the best army soldier military sniper commando assassin.

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    Android 4.0 and up

Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War 1.0:

Counter Terrorist Killer Army Combat Mission War 1.0
Price: Free
Size: 35.02 MB
Current Version: 1.0
Installs: 1,000 - 5,000
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Rating users: 29
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Content Rating: Teen