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Incubus Neighbor 1.4
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Sometimes mysterious things happen two steps away from you! In this horrible thriller, you have to be engaged in espionage for your sinister and scratchy neighbor, in whose house something strange is happening. Beware of the traps and video cameras that dot the whole courtyard of the neighbor's house, and finally find out what a hideous secret lurks in the basement of the neighbor's home!
The gameplay is an interactive action game with a first-person camera, which actually makes you the main character of the game. In the story you change the place of residence and move to a new house, and go to establish friendly relations with a neighbors who lives in a gloomy dwelling opposite. However, you are not achieving success in this - the neighbor turns out to be an extremely strange person who does not even want to open the door to you, closed to countless castles. In addition, his whole yard is generously decorated with interactive video cameras and bear traps - it is immediately evident that this person is not too hospitable and, probably, hides something dangerous in his house! From time to time some screams of fear do not come from his house, not exactly like human ones. And one night something very terrible is happening - from your window you see a neighbor dragging out of his house and digging in some heavy package, terrifyingly resembling a human body. It becomes clear - it's a serious business. Your task is to understand the situation and prevent your neighbor game from doing his evil deeds!
You will have to develop your espionage skills - you must tirelessly follow a neighbor and, having seized the moment, get to him in the basement, where all his frightening secrets are stored! Use binoculars, a secret flashlight, pimples and other tools that will shortly turn you into a real burglar. But be careful - video cameras can detect you at any time, letting the neighbor know that you have invaded its territory. Also do not forget that the neighbor is a very clever person, and if you managed to penetrate into his house in any way, then in the future he will take measures to prevent this method more! Do not let a hello neighbor discover yourself! He is a very dangerous and strong man, and if you come face to face with him, you will not be able to leave his house alive!
Uncover an eerie secret hiding in a nearby street!

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    Action Game

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    Android 4.1 and up

Incubus Neighbor 1.4:

Incubus Neighbor 1.4
Price: Free
Size: 43.21 MB
Current Version: 1.4
Installs: 10,000+
Rating average : aggregateRating (3.5 out of 5)
Rating users: 65
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: com.incubus.neighbor

What's New in Incubus Neighbor 1.4

    - expanded game locations
    - added new caches in the neighbor's house
    - added checkpoints
    - fixed bugs