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BFG - Battle For the Galaxy 0.44
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As a premium player you get access to Battleships for both read and Blue.
BFG - Battle for the Galaxy is a multiplayer PvP space combat action game where you control a massive space ship and duel it out with other players on the internet.
Fire Deadly Lasers, Massive Cannons and Broadsides, launch Devastating Missiles, deploy Fighters and Bombers and watch your opponent explode!
To start the game touch one of the ship icons to join the battle as Blue or Red.
On the bottom left of the main screen are the direction and speed controls. On the bottom right are the weapon controls. It is also possible to set a new direction by swiping.
To fire on an enemy ship you must touch it or the red targeting icon on the top right in order to target an enemy, a red target icon will appear to indicate your target. The weapons available fire in 90° (rectangular) or 270° arcs (circle), the direction can be left front or right. Red weapons are Lasers and the white are cannons.
The Lightning shield icon orders your fighters to max speed, good for intercepting enemy missiles and fighter or bombers. The Shield with a red star orders your fighters to match speed with your bombers, so they can strike the target enemy together. Fighters on attacking a ship have a chance to reduce the enemy's turrets, which can destroy incoming missiles fighters and bombers.
The white target icon on the top right will center on your ship(s) keep pressing to switch between owned ships. The + and - key will zoom you in and out.
The blue ships are generally slower and have powerful forward missiles without range limit and short range lasers and cannons to the sides. The red ships are generally faster and carry longer range lasers in front and longer range more powerful cannons to the sides.
Planets provide cover from laser and cannon fire as well as missiles. Ships, fighters and bombers can operate in the planet's orbit. Be careful with missiles after initial deployment, they can hit any ships in their path, even friendlies!
Use the terrain for cover and try to maneuver in order to get behind your enemy so he cannot fire back.
The icons on the bottom of the screen represent special orders. Special orders can give you an edge in combat, the more experienced your ship and crew are the batter chance that the orders will be successful.
The first icon with a white cross-hair locks on to your target and provides a bonus to hit with cannons and lasers, however you will not be able to turn for a short time.
The second Icon with an exclamation mark orders your ship to focus on defense giving you a good chance to survive a hit. This order will last longer then other orders, locking you out of giving further orders and always succeeds.
The third icon with triple arrows pointing up orders your ship to increase power to the engines. This is useful to move out of the path of incoming missiles, or to come into range of faster moving targets.
The fourth icon with arrows pointing different ways increases your ship's turn rate so that you can move your ship into a correct firing arc or maneuver out of the way of incoming missiles.
The fifth icon is the reduce speed order, if you make this order your ship will be able to move at reduced speed from 0 to half your maximum speed.
The sixth icon with a lighting bolt and a gear is the reload order, if you successfully use this order your launch craft bays will be replenished, as well as your missile tubes. Remember that you can only control as many craft as you have bays, but you can fire as many missiles as you can manage to reload.
Note that If you exit the map on any edge your ship will be destroyed and you will return to the ship selection screen.
Good Hunting Captain!

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    Action Game

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    Android 2.2 and up

BFG - Battle For the Galaxy 0.44:

BFG - Battle For the Galaxy 0.44
Price: $2.00
Current Version: 0.44
Installs: 10 - 50
Rating average : aggregateRating (1.0 out of 5)
Rating users: 1
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Content Rating: Everyone
Package name: net.bfggame.alpha37

What's New in BFG - Battle For the Galaxy 0.44

    New Features:
    AI Enemies in 10 waves.
    Offline play and re-connect if network is not available
    Improved loading screen performance.
    Hints and status messages.
    Lock On Order, Brace for Impact Order
    3 new Blue ships, one new Red ship.
    Nova Cannon
    Escort Squad sync fire
    Improved Fighters / bombers behavior.
    Planet no longer destroys ships, still provides cover against Cannons Lasers and Missiles.
    Fleets now placed on opposite sides of the map.