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Rise of Nation: Faith (for Android TV) 1.1.4
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In 700 BC, there lived Sorcerers, Elves and Orcs. In the middle of New Middle-Earth War between Orcs, Elves and Human Sorcerers, Ares started this adventure to find the Bloodstone.
The Sorcerers were in power, while the Elves played an important role to keep the whole society at balance, and the Orcs could only survive by taking working-class jobs. Racism among the three was a serious issue at the moment.
In Lucius – the Kingdom of light, King Priscus II, who was suffering from the civil strife and illness, decided to find the legendary dragon Bloodstone. With the King's secret order, the sorcerer headed to the Tribe of Orcs, asking someone for the bloodstone.
The son of the tribal chief, Ares, trained to use all sorts of weapons and also well educated, obeyed his father and decided to take the secret order.
Ares took his companions and started this adventure. Throughout the journey, there were obstacles – including murders. At the land of the undead, Ares discovered that it was the sorcerer's scheme!
***Please verify Handset Compatibility before downloading the game-
- This game is exclusively supported on Nvidia Shield TV only***
WiFi is necessary to connect to the game.
Game Features-
Independent ARPG!
New challenges including traps and monsters with different difficulty levels keeping players engaged and addicted to the game.
Choose Your Character!
Fight with the son of tribal chief as Ares or Elf Princess Shiya. Players can switch between the two players.
Unique scene & challenges!
Experience unique scenes and challenges- Orc tribe ruin, Orc's alter, Secret chamber in swamp, Sorcerer's tomb, Steep hills, Palace & The crystal tower.
Weapons upgrade!
Gain stronger power and change appearance with each new weapon and upgradable weapons.
Exquisite skills system!
Unleash different skills with no cool time to defeat the foes. Each role has amazing personal skills.
BOSS challenges!
Each chapter has unexpected Boss; defeat them to upgrade your weapon.
Beautiful Music!
Touching melody guides the players into the world of new Middle-earth.
Social connect!
Social features give players extra life to continue the fight
Multiple language support!
English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese

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    Everyone 10+

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    Android 4.1 and up

Rise of Nation: Faith (for Android TV) 1.1.4:

Rise of Nation: Faith (for Android TV) 1.1.4
Price: $1.99
Current Version: 1.1.4
Installs: 1+
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Everyone 10+

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    Supported on Nvidia Shield TV