The Zombie Butcher - 3D FPS Zombie Shooting Game 1.0 APK for Android

The Zombie Butcher - 3D FPS Zombie Shooting Game 1.0
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A killer virus has spread throughout a town which has infected most of the people, turning them into hordes of undead zombie apocalypse. Many people have fled away for their survival but few are still trapped inside the zombie town & zombie highway. No one has yet dared to enter the battleground for their defense, until a young man known as Mr Bhatti - the Zombie Butcher evil hunter comes for their rescue as a last hope with a plan of fortnite battle. In this fortnight zombie butcher evil hunter fps shooting game he has to clear the town and the big villa used by zombie as their fort and zombie attack everyone who dare to enter the zombie town in the fortnite battle of hope. Zombie run on highway and in backyard of villas so as zombie evil hunter hero has to be prove himself zombie killer for people of his land for the survival of planet in this fort night battle. In evil hunter survival missions you have to counter zombie attack with your plan and skill to hunt and clear area in multiple survival missions in this fortnite battle of zombie butcher evil hunter fps game. In this fortnite zombie hunting game a small town affected by zombie apocalypse and the daughter of Mr. Bhatti is trapped in a big villa, she has hidden herself somewhere in basement of villa and you have to rescue her from zombie attack as there are evil zombies. Fortnight Battle dawn bring back life to beautiful town.
The Zombie Butcher is a First person zombie shooter game in which you play as a hero whose mission is to clear a town which got infected by zombie outbreak last night. You are trained for modern warfare, evil hunt and had worked for CS Corporation in special defense forces team previously. Mr Bhatti was coming back to home from a holiday trip with his daughter when they trapped in zombie highway and zombie town and his daughter lost in the foggy town so he decide to fight with zombies and find his daughter in this fortnite battle zombie shooting game. You have may played a lot of zombie games but this fortnite battle zombie butcher is full of thrill and suspense with amazing graphics and scattered weapon in game which you have to collect during survival missions of zombie shooter game.
But now is a new challenge, because you are all alone in this scary place filled with gangs of walking dead zombie attacke trigger by a dangerous virus. So enter the frontline, keep steady aim and shoot targets in this top shooter game with precision. As a frontline fortnite battle expert, eliminate every zombie from the town in this zombie survival mission. There will be hordes of scary undead zombies but with courage and headshots, you can survive them. Save the town from the death terror and find Mr Bhatti’s little daughter in this fornight battle zombie shooting game. As evil hunter Survival life of little girls is now in your hands. In this zombie run survival game you will feel suspense and thrill of adventurous battleground and zombie shoot with your range of modern guns.
Equip yourself with heavy guns and take down hordes of zombies with your ammo in fortnite battle The Zombie Butcher evil hunter battleground. Experience the most amazing action of battleground in zombie games. The furious gameplay you may remember from the FPS Shooter games. Show your skills, reaction and kill tons of zombies in a 3D environment with high quality HD graphics, colorful environments and exciting gameplay.
Tons of WEAPONS, from knife, pistols to powerful rifles, shot guns and snipers.
You can throw grenade on zombies, how cool is that?!
Health pick-ups
Stunning HD graphics
Challenging missions

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    Android 4.1 and up

The Zombie Butcher - 3D FPS Zombie Shooting Game 1.0:

The Zombie Butcher - 3D FPS Zombie Shooting Game 1.0
Price: Free
Current Version: 1.0
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Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
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