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⚔ US Swat Terrorist Attack ⚔ 1.2
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US Swat Army is Elite force against the terrorist attacks and always played a vital rule in counter terrorist forces.Get ready to be an Elite US Swat Force caption selected for a special ops by the US Swat Force. You are a trained US Army Elite SWAT Commando, your job is to eliminate the terrorist in area where you are assigned by counter terrorist department.Put an end to terrorist's evil plans in this Free 3D FPS action gun shooting game.US Swat Force we got a situation, some terrorist took over the locations in Middle east. Local civilians are not trained for such situations. Its time for Swat force for do some counter terrorist action and get those terrorist out of that locations. Play US Swat Terrorist Attack and get the locations out of hands of terrorists.

Play as US Army Elite Swat Commando and enter the terrorist location in Middle East successfully complete the missions and free those locations from terrorists. US Swat Terrorist Attack is thrilling action game to deal with with crazy and deadly global terrorist groups.
Encounter the enemies with armor,  Sniper Rifle, AK47, M4A1, machine guns, shotguns, MP5, handguns. Travel deep into Terrorist control zones and kill all the terrorists. Shoot at site! You are the brave US Army assassin swat commando from the US SWAT force. It is a Counter Terrorist and counter terrorist strike FPS shooting game in which a US Elite Swat commando fps shoot terrorists, 
Some terrorist were prisoners that escaped from US Army jail and join terrorist groups some of these prisoners were criminals like thief, robbers, and real gangsters. As a US Army SWAT Elite commando and counter terrorist shooter with a soldier support in combat action against terrorist during the counter terrorist operation, your job is to shoot and kill all the terrorist to death brutally 
Welcome to Counter Terrorist 2017, US SWAT action game. US Swat Terrorist Attack is most Exciting and thrilling counter terrorist shooting game in android play store for tablet and smart phones. A 3D Swat counter terrorist shooting game. The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strike on enemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist through counter attack with rapid shooting. Don’t hesitate and download the ultimate US Army Swat Counter Strike Force game for mobile, with thrilling action and shooting.
Game Features:
- Smooth aiming and shooting experience with best FPS game play
- AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles
- Great gameplay and refined missions
- Easy to customize interface
- Amazing Beautiful 3D graphics
- Short & long shooter rifles
- Exciting Map with Realistic Fighting Arena Environment 
- Best Shooting Game
- Realistic contract operation
- Breathtaking music and sound effects
- Shooting weapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assault rifles, main and auxiliary weapons
- Change the touch sensitivity within the game
- Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage
- Enemy characters with unique attack, defiance characteristics and AI
- Realistic contract operation
- Efficient weapon controls & movement
- Radar vision
- boasting spectacular graphics and cool animation
- Easy Play, Completely Free, play Happy.

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    Android 2.3 and up

⚔ US Swat Terrorist Attack ⚔ 1.2:

⚔ US Swat Terrorist Attack ⚔ 1.2
Price: Free
Size: 42.34 MB
Current Version: 1.2
Installs: 500 - 1,000
Rating average : aggregateRating (4.8 out of 5)
Rating users: 21
Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Content Rating: Teen